Dressing up a dresser

We have a regular generic brown wood Ikea dresser in our master bedroom.  It has six knob drawer pulls (two per drawer).  I’ve been toying with the idea of updating the pulls to change the look of the dresser – I’m not quite ready to commit to painting it.  Here are some of my current favorites.

I think the first one goes best with the colors I’m trying to bring into the room & with the idea of “colonial chic”.  The second ones are really fun – but I’m not sure if they’ll look sophisticated enough.  The beetle is a fun bit of whimsy, but would get lost against the color of the dresser.

Here’s that dresser to help  you imagine the dresser + the knobs.

Any suggestions for drawer knobs/pulls? I’ve also toyed with the idea of drilling additional holes and switching to drawer pulls instead.  Have you updated any dressers lately?

PS.  Nifty Thrifty Things is hosting a Washi Tape giveaway from Downtown Tape.  I haven’t had a chance to play with washi tape, but it looks so fun.


6 thoughts on “Dressing up a dresser

  1. I am in love with that first knob! Can you tell my favourite colour is turquoise? But I think the second ones would look classy too if you did all the same colour. And the little beetles are adorable! (sorry, I’m no help!)

    If you do decide to switch to drawer pulls…keep in mind that it’s really hard to get the new holes drilled in the right spot. The blue dresser of mine that you commented on (thanks! It led me to your blog!) has one handle that is not in the right place. It drives me crazy, but not enough yet to fill the hole, sand, repaint, and redrill. If I were to do it over again, I’d just have my husband do it for me, since he’s good at precise things like that, unlike me.

    • Hi Jo! Thanks for the comment. I replaced drawer handles on our nightstands a while ago, and you’re right, it was a nightmare to make sure that they were in the right spot!

  2. I have a Hemnes dresser and I replaced them with knobs I found at Michaels. It was super easy to change them and it makes the dresser look great. I really liked the first knob. Have you checked out world market and Pier 1? They also have a great selection.

  3. I vote for the first knob, it is so cute. Found a beetle in my bed a few days ago – so I’m not for beetles of any kind in the bedroom! I’m enjoying looking through your posts here.

    • Haha, yea. Any bugs in the bedroom are generally a bad thing! I saw, what I thought was a piece of string on the ground this morning… Didn’t realize it was a worm until AFTER I picked it up. Yuck!

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