Patriotic Zebras

While my parents were visiting, we popped in here at Stifel and Capra. I’d driven by it a number of times since we moved here, but had yet to stop by.  I’m so glad we did.  They have a ton of gorgeous things, including Annie Sloan chalk paint.  (I’d been toying with the idea of playing around with chalk paint, so I’m excited to have found a distributor).

My dad also spotted a postcard of some Zebras dancing on the Mall. How fun is this?

I immediately liked it, but wanted it to be more of a statement than a postcard could possibly make.  Luckily I asked if they had more of her prints – the artist is Elizabeth Loftis – because they had 8×10 prints for a great price.  This one is titled “Patriotic Zebras Dancing on the Mall”.  I though it was the perfect combination of DC and Africa!

I’ve since found a gorgeous frame (with a mat) for a steal at Goodwill and now it’s sitting in the pile of frames that will become a gallery wall in the guest room soon. I’m loving the gold for now, so I think it’ll stay gold, at least for a while.


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