August Recap – Instagram Style

Looks like I met my August Instagram goal of not taking only pictures of Penelope, although she is pretty darn cute!  Today she climbed onto the scatter cushion on the couch and was sleeping with her feet in the air.  Unfortunately the click of the iPhone unlocking often wakes her up & I was unable to get a feet-in-the-air picture.

Here’s what I was up to around the house, in the kitchen, and a couple of things I saw while driving around.


And because she’s too cute not to snap pictures of, here’s a whole series of Penelope too.  Looks like she needs a haircut!  I think we’re trying to DIY it.  It’s not like she goes to day care where people will make fun of her for her bad haircut right?


August in Review

At the beginning of the month I posted a list of things I’d like to accomplish in August.

As per the first photo, one item on the list was to hang up the stack of frames I had lying around the house.  I finally decided on hanging them in the master bedroom.  I’m not sure that I love it as much as the other gallery walls in the house, but I’m glad they’re finally off the floor. Perhaps I should tweak the art in the frames a bit, to get it to look just right.

Continuing in the master bedroom, I also set a goal to update our super boring master bedroom by sewing some pillow covers for our bed.  Once I settled on the fabric to use, it took less than 30 minutes!  One side is a fun teal chevron and the other side has some lighter teal blue dots.

The last three things on my list were all for the guest room.   I planned on painting my $5 thrift store chair that I use as a desk chair in the guest room. I also wanted to paint my universe-donated wooden frame and turn it into a chalkboard.   Although I initially attempted to paint the chair yellow, due to some technical difficulties, both the chair and the mirror are blue.  And I LOVE the color!

I also did some other things.

  1. I sewed a cute little scatter cushion for the guest room bed
  2. I made a delicious peach & almond torta (twice)
  3. I re-covered my thrift store find chair
  4. I found some GORGEOUS dining room chairs
  5. I fixed last month’s painted frame flop
  6. I hung my $25 gallery wall in the entryway.
  7. I found a new lamp & updated the bookshelf in the living room.

Well that’s what I got up to this month!  Did you get anything checked off your to do list?  Stay tuned for my September list!

New Dining Room Chairs!

Well there’s no clever title, so I won’t make you wait. Here they are! My gorgeous new dining room chairs!

As you may know, I’ve added a few thrift store chairs to our home recently.  Chair 1 and chair 2 were intended for the dining room.  Chair 3 (the blue one) is for the guest room.  I figured that for $5 a chair, these would work great until I found the perfect chairs.  Chair #1 is hanging out in a corner in the guest room & Chair #2 is in the entryway.  Chair #3 is still at the desk in the guest room.  This works for now & I’ll figure out if we want to get rid of any of these.

Yesterday, while shopping for new dress shirts for my husband, I made him stop by Home Goods since it’s right there.  I wanted to see if they had Halloween Dog outfits (which they did, and I’ll post more about that in October).  As we were headed for the exit, I spotted these chairs.  I stopped.  I sat in them.  I made him sit in them. (He didn’t make the uncomfortable face – yay!)  I walked away.  I walked back. I called my mom.  I emailed a picture to my mom.  After she had the same reaction of instant love, I loaded four of them in the cart.

This is the picture I snapped in the store. (Yup, that price tag says $129)  And the chairs they reminded me of from West Elm (which retail for $299 each).  Most importantly, they reminded me of a chair (that’s currently in my parents’ house) that was made by a great-great (great?) grandfather of mine.

My husband’s main concern was if I think they’d be an OK match with our black-brown Ikea table.  Luckily for me (and the chairs) the dining table is definitely not my forever table.  But I have a feeling these chairs will stick around for a while!

I’d love to upgrade to a white table at some point.  Look how great the white table looks with the wood chairs here:

And some more pictures of the new & improved dining room.  The fourth chair is currently hanging out in our bedroom.  We really love the functionality of the bench, but I know that when we get a bigger table I’d regret only getting 3 chairs.

Aren’t they beautiful?

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Adult Collage: Beer Labels turned Art

When my now husband (then boyfriend) and I moved in together I had to convince him that his beer bottle collection would not be welcome in our new place.  As a compromise, he saved beer labels instead and I promised to make some art with them.  Here’s the result. It’s amazing how much some nice frames can class up a simple collage.

They’ve been around for going on 5 years now, and in each new apartment we find a spot for them.  At first they lived above his desk, then in the kitchen and they are currently in the “man corner” along with his golf ball collection.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s a fun touch for a man cave or even just a man corner!  (And no, I cannot win the battle of the bookcase styling, so I’ve stopped trying.)

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New Lamp in the Living Room

Our living room needed a bit of tweaking. The top of the bookshelf (between the couch and sliding door) needed some styling. (You can sort of see it in the background here). I realized I wanted a bit of height there, and immediately thought of this lamp since it looks like a vase, but can provide some warmth in the room and act as a nightlight for the front rooms when we have guests.  Don’t want guests stubbing their toes on the furniture!

Luckily, they still have these around & I found one in blue at Home Goods!  I think if I had the choice I might have picked a green one, but I really like the pop of blue in the corner of the room.

The white pot on top holds Penelope’s treats.  I’d like to get an actual plant in there, but our Home Depot’s prices on indoor plants are insane.  So that’s on hold for now.  The bookcase holds our glassware and some party dishes (like our square cocktail plates and small cheese cutting boards).

My grey vase (from my clearance aisle find) is still in the same spot, but I switched out the red elephant that I had there for the “thinking man” that I picked up in Ghana a few years ago.  I like the how the wood pops in front of the blue lamp – I think this is the first time I found a good place for the wooden guy. (I’ve even threatened to spray paint him white out of frustration!)

So that’s it.  Just a quick little update in the living room.  Have you made any quick updates lately?

Quick Change: Updating my Thrift Store Chair

A few days ago I decided it was time to update my thrift store find chair. Here’s the chair when I brought it home.  Not bad for $5 & I loved the 70s retro feel!

I still plan on painting it sometime down the line, but I decided that since I would have to remove the seat when I painted it in any case, I might as well recover the seat with an extra piece of fabric I had in my stash. (Which you might recognize from my couch cushions – it’s Dwell Studio Dotscape in Charcoal)

All it took was a screwdriver, some pliers, and a staple gun!  The screwdriver was to removed the 4 screws that hold the seat down, and to pry the staples loose.  There was about a million staples, which was the hardest part, as they all had to be pulled out (that’s what the pliers are good for).  My fabric was JUST the right size (an extra 1/2 inch to an inch all around). I simply pulled the fabric tight and stapled it all around – working from the center of each side out.  I didn’t really plan the corners, I just tried to minimize wrinkles on the visible part of the cushion.  At this point I forgave the previous stapler (who I was cursing while removing the million staples earlier) because it did take a lot of staples to make sure everything was smooth.

All in all it took about 15 minutes for this quick change.  What do you think of the update?

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