Organize On! My Shoe Closet meets Chalkboard Labels

Update: Welcome Pinterest people! This post seems to be the most popular of my posts on Pinterest. I hope you find some organization inspiration here.  Feel free to look around the rest of the blog too & leave a comment if you like what you see!

Shoe Closet OrganizationAnd today we get to the real reason I ordered the chalk board paper and chalk pen which I told you about yesterday! Here’s the before of my shoe (and coat) closet.  Well it’s not the true before – at first the shoes were just piled in there (as we recycled all of the paper shoe boxes before our move).  But I wasn’t about to take a picture of that mess!

It took no time at all.  I used the grid on the back and cut out 4×6 rectangles.  I carefully stuck them down – making sure to smooth out any bubbles.  Then I printed a description of the shoes on the label (being careful not to smudge it) and called it a day!  Here’s the after.

I think it looks pretty good!  Are the labels perfectly straight?  Heck no.  Is the printing perfect?  Of course not. Does it still look pretty darn good?  Sure does!

2nd Update:  I’ve since worked on getting matching hangers for the coats that also live in this closet.  My coats are (almost) all on dark brown wooden hangers & Andy’s coats are all on light brown wooden hangers.  It looks soo much nicer when hangers match don’t you think?

Shoe Closet Organization Hangers

3rd update: I still love my shoe closet almost 7 months later & I will definitely do this in our next house if I have to space. I have found that the chalk pen doesn’t erase well, but since I bought a big roll of chalkboard contact paper, it’s easy enough to just replace the label with a new one. I’ve also started to use these shoe boxes in other spots in our home – like in the bathroom & the linen closet!  Do you have any organization projects that still work for you 7 months down the line?

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13 thoughts on “Organize On! My Shoe Closet meets Chalkboard Labels

  1. Hi,
    I bought some plastic shoe boxes from Walmart but I was wondering where you got yours? And what did you do with your boots?

    Thanks much.

    • Hi Catarina
      My boxes are from Walmart too. They happened to have ones with pink lids when I went to buy these. My flat boots stand on the shelf just to the left of the boxes, and my heeled boots are in the bottom of my closet (since they would fall through the wire shelf).

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