Pine Cabinet Makeover

Checking more things off my July pinspiration list!  Woohoo.

This is the cabinet we started with. Excuse the painters tape – I got a little ahead of myself.  We use it as our pantry cabinet since we don’t have a built in pantry in our kitchen.

I’ve been meaning to paint it for years, although indecision paralyzed me.  I was deciding between yellow, navy, and light gray and finally settled on gray.  Partly because I found a gorgeous gray a while back at Lowes (unfortunately I can’t remember the color name for the life of me) and bought a quart rather than just the sample size that I really needed.

Here’s the after:

I gave the pine two thin coats of oil based primer, followed by about 3 coats of the light gray paint (applied with a foam roller).  After the paint dried, I did 3 coats of water based polyurethane.  I applied the first coat with a brush, which left a lot of drag marks. After the poly dried, I lightly sanded the piece and applied the second and third coats with a roller.

I don’t like the cabinet’s skinny little legs and at first I wasn’t planning on painting them at all & just replacing them with some casters.  Then I remembered that I was trying to do it on the cheap & decided to put the casters back on the “to do eventually” list and I gave the legs a quick coat of white spray paint.

I thought about using modge podge to adhere some fun paper to the backboard of the cabinet, but since we had neither on hand, I painted it dark gray (Behr’s Pencil Point) since we had that on hand from when we painted the inside of our dresser turned TV cabinet. Followed by a coat of poly (applied with a foam brush, since I wasn’t too concerned with drag marks).

 As you can see, I left the inside of the cabinet unfinished.

Since we don’t store the prettiest things in here, I plan on covering up the glass again.  I’m debating between spray painting the inside of the glass white (to match with the white legs) and applying white contact paper to the outside of the glass.  (I’d love to hear your opinion on this.)

Overall, I’m pleased with how this turned out!  What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Pine Cabinet Makeover

  1. Congrats on the success of doing it yourself!!
    I think spray paint the inside white but don’t put white contact paper on the outside.
    A frosted look would be nice.
    It doesn’t matter if you see the shapes of boxes…the overall look will be clean.

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