Modern Safari

I’ve been telling Andy that I want our house to have a “colonial chic” / “modern safari” vibe for years.  I think what I’m really after is that relaxed feeling I remember from my childhood… I understand that my memory is a romanticized version  of reality, much like the idea of colonial living being glamorous is highly romanticized.

Apparently, I was just a tad ahead of the curve.  Here are some screen shots from two of my favorite stores’ newest catalogs putting their own spin on the Modern Safari look.

West Elm is doing a modern spin with tons of imports from South Africa.

World Market is going more retro with their “Kingdom Animalia” collection

Now I just have to control my urge to do any more shopping!

Here are some pieces that won’t break the bank, that I think will look amazing in our house.  If you’re feeling generous, you can find these on my wish list….


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