Recipe Review: Sweet Roasted Chickpeas

Inspired by Stephanie’s Awesome “Pin Busting” Blog I though I’d blog about my Pinterest inspired successes AND failures.

I recently came across this pin: Roasted Sweet Chickpeas.  Sounds yummy. Looks yummy.  Seems easy.

Here’s the pinspiration:

It started off well.  Easy enough.  Toss chickpeas on cookie sheet, throw in 450 degree oven for 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, a good portion of my chickpeas were completely blackened when I returned to the oven – guess I should’ve check on them more often.

The cinnamon/sugar/salt mixture is delicious, but I wish more of it would stick to the chickpeas!  It’s all just chilling at the bottom of my bowl.  (Sad face)  Also, about 1 in every 3 chickpeas are deliciously crunchy, while the other 2 are soft and mushy.

I’m still eating them (but then again I have a serious sweet tooth and I think brown sugar and some margarine on a rice cake is a delicious treat) so I guess it wasn’t a total fail, but I’ll be doing some more research before I try making roasted chickpeas again….

My overall rating for this recipe is a “Meh”


4 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Sweet Roasted Chickpeas

  1. I love roasted chickpeas, but never tried a sweet version. Love mine w some olive oil, salt and whatever spices I’m in mood for at the time!

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