Zigging and Zagging

On a whim, I popped in HERE, despite the store not looking like much from the outside.  Turns out the basement is filled with bolts and bolts of gorgeous fabric!  They also have a table where they have upholstery weight fabric remnants for about $6 a yard (yes, I said $6 a yard!).

I still haven’t added any chevron to our house.  Partly because I refuse to pay a lot for fabric (and I dislike buying fabric online) and partly because I’m too lazy to do DIY chevron like Katie Bower did here.

I came across a yard of this gorgeous yellow chevron & knew it was perfect for the guest room.  My receipts calls it “Missoni Zigzag”

I also found a few yards of this teal chevron.  I thought it would be perfect for a table skirt for my standing desk (which is in the living room).

But when I got it home, I realized the color was just a little off from the colors used elsewhere in the living room & that’s A LOT OF ZIG ZAGs.  My poor eyes!  I know its Premier Prints fabric and I think it’s the Blue Moon colorway.  The receipt says you can return all cut fabric that’s more than 3 yards, so I think I may attempt to do that, and look for something a bit more subtle.  Le sigh.


3 thoughts on “Zigging and Zagging

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    • Thanks Stephanie. I’m thinking maybe I’ll stash the teal chevron in my fabric stash. It’s too pretty to return! Thanks for your comment =)

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