Sometimes when things look like this

(and you don’t have power for 4 days) you manage to at least get this out of the deal.


What do you think of my new stump table?  We needing something to go out on the patio, and I refused to spend more than about $5.  Then a few days after the storm I noticed the gardener slicing the downed tree into table sized stumps.  Luckily for me, Andy was around and I could send him to find and haul back the perfect stump table!

Thanks to Pinterest and some googling, I have a plan.  Unfortunately, apparently everyone agrees that the next step is just to let the guy dry out slowly.  So we’ll update you in a few months or so.  I’m trying to decide if we should try to save the bark or remove it.  And also if I should leave it natural or paint it a fun color (or white).  So many decisions, so much time before I need to make one.



3 thoughts on “Stump-ed

  1. So funny — we were literally just talking about whether we should paint our stumps white or leave them natural and seal them to protect against stains. Both sound nice and we can’t decide. Good luck with the drying out process. It takes forever and a day, but the bark is much easier to remove and there aren’t as many cracks. Worth the wait!

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