Getting Organized

Our bathroom is tiny.  As in, there’s no space for my make-up anywhere in the room.  So I decided to use the top of our master bedroom dresser as my make-up and jewelry area.

It took a while to get organized (and traveling for two weeks right after we moved in certainly didn’t help at all) but it is finally organized, and it looks pretty good.  It’s certainly not very minimalist, but it’s functional without looking awful.

Here’s the embarrassing before:

And here’s how it looked after I got organized!

The big white box to the left holds my jewelry and the smaller white box has my ‘lotions and potions in it.’  The little spice jars hold hair ties and bobby pins.  I found the blue tray in the one spot at Target for $2.50 (it’s painted wood) and it holds all my make-up.  The pots are one dollar flower pots from Ikea from years ago.  One for my brushes and eyeliner, one for all my lip stuff, one for clothing receipts and extra buttons, and one is empty for now.  The blue egg grate holds my favorite jewelry and my wedding rings at night.  I added a favorite picture of Andy in a cute white frame we already owned and called it a day.

So far so good.  I’m putting things back where they go & I haven’t started stacking anything on the white boxes (yet)!

Here’s how it currently looks after my amazing thrift store mirror find.  This beast was just $15!!!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Organized

    • Thanks for hosting Courtney! I’m so glad I got the spot all organized – it’s so much easier to find my make-up and hair stuff in the mornings! Being organized definitely feels good!

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