Grass Underfoot

That’s the view from our front door, into the living room on the right, my home office on the left, and the hallway beyond.

I put that green rug for the transition form the entry way tile to the lovely apartment beige carpet in an attempt to avoid carpet spots.  Then I stalked my favorite online rug store for the perfect area rug.

We placed our brown 5×8 rug (which is now in the Master Bedroom) in the space to see how that size would work in the space.  The brown was much too dark, so I knew I wanted something light.  The size also didn’t work well.  After lots of playing around with the measuring tape, I decided that there were only 2 good options; 1. a 6×9 rug that would go under the desk or 2. two 4×6 rugs, one horizontal in the space the green rug is now, and one vertical between the desk and the chairs.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a great 6×9 rug?  It’s nearly impossible.  Here are three that I considered.

But none of them seemed right & I was concerned about placing the rug under the desk.  Then I found these Herringbone Sisal rugs which came in both 4×6 and 6×9.  I waited too long to order them and missed out on the 75% off sale.  So I waited and waited and finally the 4th of July sale rolled around with another 75% off discount on my favorite sisal rugs.  So I pounced & got two 4×6 rugs for $100!  Score!  That’s even cheaper than I could get them at Ikea.

They just arrived on Wednesday, so we’ll update you on whether or not we can live with the scratchiness in good time, but for now they are exactly what I wanted!

What do you think?  Here they are in the space. Notice how much better the desk looks?  We’re finally getting organized around here!

And the color of the grass rugs work really well with the living room rug, without being too matchy matchy.

Next steps in here:

  • Get some art over the desk!
  • Hang the clock that’s hidden behind the computer monitor.
  • DIY a skirt for the desk to hide all the uglies.
  • Find a bench (or something else?) to go in the entry way

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