Checking things off the list!

Small Project for July Number 1: Check! Yup.  We built the desk & it’s in the guest room.

The room is far from finished, but my vision is slowly starting to come together.  I love the striped duvet cover and I still love the curtain sheers I got at Ikea about 3 years ago.  Don’t mind their length – there’s a weird bulkhead above the window which means that even though the curtains are hung high,  there’s just not much space between the ceiling and the floor right there.   I should probably shorten them, but I’m loathe to do something irreversible to these gorgeous curtains.  (Wasn’t there a time that extra long curtains indicated wealth?  As in, “I have so much money I can afford to buy enough fabric that it puddles on the floor.”)

Here’s another little detail in the room that I love:

I picked these up on my travels.  They are tiny, maybe 5″ x 5″?  But they’re adorable & they definitely match with the color scheme in here.  I think at some point I want to mount them on larger frames to make them more substantial, but for now they work in the narrow space next to the light switch.

Here’s a refresher of our floor plan.  The guest room is the smaller of the two bedrooms.  Oh and our actual floor plan is the reverse of the one below, but this gives you a general idea of what we’re dealing with.

The bed is currently on the wall that’s shared with the living room & our window is off-center (and in the corner closest to the balcony/patio).

Next to do in here:

  • Rehang art to work with new room layout (above bed and on window wall).
  • Repaint or replace chest of drawers on other side of the bed.
  • Get king size pillows for the bed.
  • Find a (fun and inexpensive) rug for the room.
  • Find a piece of art for over the desk.
  • Find a desk chair.
  • Get picture frames to frame already owned pictures & hang on door wall.

I’m sure I’ll think of plenty more things to do and change in here, but that’s a pretty good list for now.  What type of rug do you think will work in here?  Any suggestions for a stylish desk chair?  What about ideas for inexpensive 11×14 frames? (Ikea is SOOO far away from us).

What should I hang over the desk?  I’m thinking a white magnetic surface of some kind, so I can change out what’s there frequently.


4 thoughts on “Checking things off the list!

  1. The duvet cover is actually the cheapo version from Target – total West Elm knock-off but not nearly as nice quality as the West Elm one! I do the love the beachy feel of your bedroom, but I can see how that duvet cover wouldn’t work with that furniture. Could you re-purpose it elsewhere in your house?

    • Ya we definitely will eventually but for now I have only one thing on the brain for our second bedroom. Nursery 🙂

      I wish I would have known that Target made the knock off though. That’s much more in my normal price range 🙂

      p.s. I love the art. Where are those from and what material are they made out of?

      • Oh nursery decorating would be so fun! And there’s soo much inspiration out there (or should I say pinspiration!)

        I found the art in South Africa. I think its canvas covered with plaster and then they somehow drew in the plaster. It’s got a great 3D feel. Sometimes I think I should hang them within a larger frame to give them a little more weight.

  2. I love the duvet cover. If it’s the one from West Elm, we have it also. I loved it until we moved and had to rearrange furniture and ended up with really off-white wicker Pier 1 furniture (thanks to my mom who was also moving) in our bedroom. The bright white and grey just did not work with the furniture so I had to get new 😦 We love they way it all turned out with the whole beachy theme but I still kind of miss that modern and clean look from our old stuff.

    It’s exhausting decorating a new place isn’t it? Fun though.

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