Being thrifty

We sold our dining chairs before we left California.  They had not aged very well & I decided to sell them while someone could still get some use out of them.

I saw this picture (on Pinterest, where else) and think it would be a charming look for our dining room too.  So I’ve been trolling thrift stores and craigslist for the perfect chairs which are also perfectly priced. We only need 3, but I’m having a hard time committing to any one chair so far.

On my chair hunt yesterday, I came across an awesome chair, and it was only $5!!!   I don’t think it will go in the dining room, but I thought it might work as a side chair elsewhere in the house and potentially as a desk chair in the guest room.

It needs some work & I’m trying to decide if I’ll be painting it or if I should keep the wood natural.  The seat needs to be recovered & while the color will depend on what color I go with for the chair, I think I need to use vinyl or leather for this project.  There is a little spot of damage to the caning, but since I have no idea how to fix it, I’m just going with “it adds to the charm”.

Here’s an iphone picture that I snapped as soon as we got it home.  Penelope has not barked at it, so I think she approves too.

What do you think I should do with the chair?


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