3.5 Weeks Later

Finally, some progress pictures.  Our apartment is far from done and decorated, but I have some progress pictures to share of the dining room and living room.  (More rooms to come soon, I promise!).

Here’s the dining room:

And here’s the living room:

Did you see the little photo bomber? She followed me all around the house and tried to get into as many pictures as she could.

Things won’t remain as you see here:

1. The love seat in front of the sliding glass door won’t stay there – it’s place is on the patio.  However, the patio is currently occupied by our soon to be new TV cabinet.  Which leads to number 2…

2. We do NOT plan on continuing to use Andy’s night stand + a folding chair as our TV organization solution.  We’ll share our found-dresser make-over just as soon as its done.

3. The side table with the large glass lamp needs to be styled.

4. As does the top of the bookshelf.  Including plugging in the lamp & buying a plant to put in that pot.

5. Obviously, we need to hang some art above the couch.

6. I also need to (finally) sew the pillow covers for the couch cushions.  The fabric has been cut for months, I just need to do the actual stitching together, which shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes total.


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