Good News for Grammar

I just opened this print I ordered from Fresh Words Market & was happy to discover an apostrophe!  I guess some of their example pictures on the web does not include the apostrophe for some reason, but I really am glad that I don’t have to find a way to draw it in!


Adorable Custom Portraits

I found these Adorable Custom Portraits via You Are My Fave.

These are my two favorites (just click on each picture to go to each artist’s Etsy shop)

ellothere's Custom Portraits

bunnypumpkin's Custom Portraits

Each artist will create a personalized portrait.  ElloThere’s is just $30 for an 11×17 with 2 people and BunnyPumpkin’s is just $50 for an 11×17 with 2 people.  You can also add pets,more people, or customize the background.

I’m definitely ordering one of these for our 4th (4?!? when did that happen) anniversary in July.

If you get eaten by a T-Rex…

We spent this weekend going through the closets, donating and dumping all the things we no longer want or need.  It’s amazing how much we’ve gotten rid of.  Watching Hoarders on Netflix definitely helps with the process!  I didn’t take any pictures of this process, because it’s just a big mess, so I thought I’d share this adorable print I found, since a post without pictures isn’t much of a post.

Found via Pinterest & available at Yellow Heart Art’s Etsy shop for $20.

Adventurous Art

I just got this print for our new place (from Fresh Words Market).  I’m not sure where it will end up.  Maybe in the guest room?  Perhaps in the entry way.  As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect!  Andy agreed too (and we rarely agree on art).

The grammar police over here will have to figure out a way to DIY an apostrophe for that “its” that should be an “it’s”…